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end of bliss


One of my favorite ways to express myself is through music. I love writing songs it can really suck you in... I haven't had the time to focus on any of them to make decent recordings or attempt to add the other tracks that are needed. I just write them when I get inspired and try to take notes and get a decent enough recording that I can come back to it later and finish it up. I do have a violin, and an trombone that I plan to incorporate into some of the songs. I did add in some additional vocal tracks of me and my youngest daughter on one song, which was a lot of fun.

These are all single takes recorded with a cell phone... some of them aren't even full songs yet...they have mistakes... lots of mistakes... but they are my mistakes and my songs...I'm still finding my voice.. one day I will recorded them better and record the other tracks that are needed. I have lots of other songs as well.

All songs by Creative Corey

All rights reserved

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