In 2016 my family lived in Corpus Christi and we were very moved by the amount of homelessness there. So as a way to be a part of the change we wanted to see in the world and to teach our children to be loving and giving, even we you don't have much yourself. We came up with Brown Wednesday to give a hot meal to those who are literally on the street the night before Thanksgiving.  Like the flyer says, once you've prepared a meal you just go out where you've seen people sleeping and go befriend them with a meal.


Thanksgiving is a holiday I have mixed thoughts on. As a native American I don't see the settlement and the genocide that occurred as something to celebrate... Not to say that I don't still celebrate and eat a "Thanksgiving" meal with family just like everyone else because I don't let what happened before I was born by people who are all dead now dwell and cause hostility and create issues. Like the old saying "When in Rome do as the Romans".  So Brown Wednesday, was a way to justify the overindulgence of Thanksgiving... I made these flyers and posted them on social media to try and get it to catch on. In the posts I would put "Make any Wednesday Brown".